Aidan Wilkins

OCAD Illustration Thesis

Retold and Rewritten - Illustrates the failure of storytelling and how through lies, biases, omissions, and opinions, stories change from reality. Presenting the danger of these narratives and the warped realities they cause in those who believe them.

The Blinding Dance of the Superior Beings, 2020

Presents the naivety of believing your own ideas of superiority, happily destroying while ignoring the complexity of other life.

The Effects of Propaganda, 2021

Illustrates the ways propaganda affects people and it’s different techniques.

Stories of Warning, 2021

Presents how folktales around the world are told to scare children of the unknown and then unseen.

Longing for Mystery, 2021

Visualizes how people latch onto stories of the unexplained or mysterious and how they ignore reason for the excitement of the never-ending chase.

I Don't Want You to Believe, 2020

Portrays the ludicrous ideas of many popular conspiracy theories by presenting the insane reality that would need to occur for them to be true.

Lies Around the Rosie, 2021

 Illustrates historical misconceptions and lies that at different points in history many believed to be true. 

A Forgotten Legacy, 2020

Presents the dark history of many idolized figures that as time goes on we choose to forget.

Twisting Tales, 2021

Demonstrates how stories based on myths and religion are twisted into different versions of themselves, leading to each storyteller morphing the story into whatever narrative they choose. 

Long Forgotten Knowledge, 2020

Illustrates the practice of conceiving your own narrative of the past from a long forgotten or unknown source, showing the ridiculousness of these re-imagined histories.

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